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April – Ontario Post Office

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Joe Lippa, Postmaster for Ontario states that the employees that work at this facility are very conscientious about performing their duties.

The Ontario facility is also responsible for the Walworth, Ontario Center, and Union Hill facilities. Many of our employees have been working for the postal service for a long time. Linda has been with the Post Office for 25 years now. Lippa has been in this location since April of 2009.

Lippa says that he is very proud of the folks that work here. Lippa remarked, “ In my 31-year career with the Post Office, this is the best group of people I have ever worked with.” There are a lot of great, great people here and they do a great job. They take a lot of pride in what they do and enjoy being here. We have a small town atmosphere; we are part of the community and we know the people. The people that work here are the ones that deserve all the credit for making this facility run smoothly. They do their job, they do it well, they take it seriously, but they have fun doing it.

Between the Ontario and Walworth deliveries, the Ontario Post Office services about 7,500 customers. There are 12 vehicles that travel the 7 Ontario routes of about 25 miles and 4 Walworth routes of about 45 miles each day, regardless of the weather.

A new service this year is Sunday delivery of packages. Amazon has hired the Post Office to deliver packages on Sunday. So we will be out 7 days a week now. The package business has really shot up in the last few years. The increase of package delivery has somewhat offset the decrease in the delivery of first class mail. Another fairly new service for the Post Office is carrier pick-up. People can go on the internet and request a pick-up. We will pick up from individuals and companies. Some of the larger customers will leave hundreds of packages for pick-up. We also deliver packages for FedEx and UPS.

Our PO Box lobby is open 24/7. We offer a new service that informs our PO Box holders when they have mail. A text messaging or email does this. UPS and FedEx can also deliver packages to PO Boxes now. The Post Office has parcel lockers to hold large packages. We will put your parcel in the locker and then put the key to the locker in your PO Box. There are two ways to sign for a parcel if a signature is required. You may come in and sign or you can take advantage of the signature program that will keep your signature on file to be scanned when a signature is required.

When the Post Office is fully staffed there are about 30 people that work here. Lippa notes “We are a little under staffed now. One of the great things about the Post Office is the opportunity provided to the employees. We all start as carriers or clerks.”


Congratulations to Ontario Post Office as Business of the Month for April.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce is pleased to salute this Ontario Business as the “Business of the Month.” The customized “Business of the Month” announcement sign is posted at their business. They are also featured in The Sun & Record with The Wayne County Mail.

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