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August – AG Auto Sales, 584 NYS Rt. 104, Ontario, NY

Anthony Gillette, owner of AG Auto Sales, 584 NYS Rt. 104, Ontario, NY 14519

Anthony Gillette, owner of AG Auto Sales, 584 NYS Rt. 104, Ontario, NY 14519

Anthony (Tony) Gillette is the owner of this family business, located at 584 Route 104 in Ontario, NY. (Phone: 585-509-0227).

Gillette has been in business for over 20 years. He launched the Ontario location in 2008. However, Gillette was into cars before he could drive.  “When I was 15 years old, I purchased my first car, a 1975 Pontiac Grand Prix, I fixed it up and sold it!! I was a car guy for the pure enjoyment”.

Gillette’s love of cars developed into a 5 star, dealer rated and highly respected small business. Gillette commented on running a small business, “the opportunities are great, but nothing comes easy, and the work is always challenging. As time goes on things change” Gillette started selling mainly cars. Today, trucks and SUV’s complete the bulk of AG Auto Salesinventory, and balance Wayne County’s customer requirements.

The Chevy brand is Gillette’s passion and enables his solid reputation for quality in sales. Per Gillette, “I know what I have, I stick with the same brand because it is good and it sells in the area. We sell clean, quality, well maintained vehicles; I feel confident they will last.  We alsoservice all vehicles sold.” Gillette personally test drives every vehicle. A display of his inventory can be found on line at   AG’steam will also inspect and service each vehicle sold, they know exactly “what has been done to the vehicle”. In addition, customers may purchase an extended warranty, as available.  All warranty service work is appropriately provided at AG Auto Salesas well.

Gillette is moreover a sports car enthusiast, during the season and upon request; he will provide customers with a selection of sports vehicles. Recently Gillette was able to fulfill a client’s 25 year dream, with the transaction of a red Trans Am. Gillette spoke about “loving the hunt for excellent older vehicles, and passing along the opportunity to his customers.”  He has personally owned over 15 Corvettes, and finds it easier to sell vehicles he admires.

Following in the footsteps, and hardworking motivation of his father, who was also a small business owner, giving back to the community is important to Gillette. He is a sponsor of Wayne schools and routinely donates within the Ontario / Walworth Townships.

In summary, AG Auto Sales satisfies a market most individuals need. Stop in and be amazed at the value and integrity of this dealership. You will not only find rust free southern cars, but you will be blown away by the service and attention todetailAG Auto Salesdelivers.

Interviewed by Joellen Simone, Nature’s Way Florist, Ontario NY
Photo Courtesy of Jim Switzer

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