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January – CP Kelly & Associates, LLC, 1201 Ridge Rd., Ontario, NY

Charlie Kelly seated and Lou Gerlock

Charlie Kelly seated and Lou Gerlock


CPKelly is located at 1201 Ridge Rd., in Ontario, N Y.  Charles P. Kelly is the Sole Member, with six employees.  Lou Gerlock, is the project manager, estimator, and Charlie’s right hand man. Charlie feels very Blessed to have a variety of talented men in the field, led by his new superintendent, Joe Cardella, a good friend of Charlie’s for 30 years, that previously worked for Charlie out of high school, served our Country in the Marines, and retired as a Monroe County Sherriff. Joe now leads not only Charlie’s dedicated men, but also a variety of dedicated subcontractors & vendors that Charlie feels are second to none.

The company is a very personal family-oriented business. Mary Jane Kelly, (Charlie’s wife of 36 years), supports the accounting duties, while daughter Christina is assistant to Charlie and Lou.  The team has been working from their current location for 14 years, offering both commercial (85%) and residential (15%) design and build services. Their portfolio is exemplary, and vividly displayed within the website,

Charlie himself has been in the construction trade for 35 plus years. He began as a young apprentice carpenter in the residential side of the business and early on took an avid interest in construction. Charlie worked his way up in the ranks, proving hard work and dedication are pre-requisites for success. One of Charlie’s greatest inspiration in business, was his Father-in-law, Rodger Sonneville, who started out at a very young age bagging groceries at Almekinders Red & White, and became an esteemed business man who owned our own Super Duper/Jubilee. Charlie noted how Rodger always “treated people with respect and dignity “throughout his career.

Similar to Rodger, Charlie developed a solid work ethic and continues to thoroughly enjoy helping people achieve their goals.  As Charlie stated, “we take the extra time and go the extra mile to make things right. We can do this and do it in an efficient manner and still provide that personal involvement for our customers”. They accomplish their tasks with great sincerity and their standards are enormously high. Clients can take solace in knowing CPKelly & Associates, LLC, is “building your way to the future”.

Lou, also shares Charlie’s enthusiasm for the general contracting business. He mentioned, “we take pride in same day response and prompt availability.  “You do not need to schedule an appointment to speak to either Charlie or myself”. This is a unique personable service, offered by a quality company. Contact CPKelly for your next project, by phone (315-524-2627), Fax (315-524-2629) or email

Their popularity is due to years of experience, and CPKelly has completed a variety of different building styles. Charlie stated, “we have an excellent rapport / relationship with architects”. This enables the CPKelly team to share in creatively developing new ideas, and stay current within the commercial building environment.  Charlie also makes it a point to visit popular and trendy establishments while traveling, to compare and contrast other innovative concepts.

The path to victory for CPKelly & Associates, in achieving a happy customer after the project is completed, on time and on schedule.  Then, in his caring and reserved way, Charlie unpretentiously reminded this interviewer. “Success is not all about monetary gain. We are a Christian company, and God provides for us to accomplish all we do”.  The spiritual saying “In God We Trust”, is noted on every work schedule. “Real success is achieved in helping others. We were fortunate to have been part of the 2015 renovation project for the Bivona Child Advocacy Center.  The oldest commercial building in Rochester, maintained to provide healing and protection for abused children”.

CPKelly’s glowing reputation, supersedes the need for additional marketing tools, Charlie stated, “The word gets around that we build relationships and people enjoy working with us. In turn, we have been blessed with great customers.  CPKelly is not perfect, no one is, but we try our best and we truly enjoy what we do. Our company shines a bright light on building people’s dreams”.  Charlie truly appreciates all their accomplishments to date and looks forward to reaching out and serving the Community in the future.

In 1-5 years CP Kelly & Associates, LLChopes to move to an expanded location in Ontario, with a growing work force

Interviewed by Joellen Simone, Nature’s Way Floral and Garden
Photos Courtesy of Jim Switzer

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