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July – Vineyard View Woodworking, 6921 Fisher Rd., Ontario

Vineyard View Woodworking is owned and operated by Charlie & Deb DeMinck. Charlie states that he began his association with wooden objects right out of high school. It started innocently enough, buying old furniture, fixing it up, selling it, and buying more only to start the process all over again. Next thing you know, we’re opening an antique shop. While owning and operating an antique shop, Charlie discovered that many pieces of antique furniture needed repair. Sometimes repairs were relatively easy, some very extensive; but in any situation there was always an opportunity to learn more about how to build furniture or cabinets. Occasionally, a customer would have us  build a custom piece.

When the antique market started to change about 20 years ago, Charlie decided to open a woodworking shop to use what he had learned during 16 years of operating Yesteryear’s Antiques. Vineyard View still does repair work, however it is not a major part of the business.

Charlie and Deb will design and produce anything for you. The fun part is to come up with new designs that you can call your own. Some of the very unique pieces produced at Vineyard View are clocks made from limb wood. This is wood that is usually not used because of the irregular shapes. These irregular pieces of wood are sawn lengthwise, finish milled and reassembled to form a book match image piece of wood with the clock face in the center. Charlie also puts a very different and creative twist on some very common items such as jewelry boxes, rockers, and tables. In addition to fine furniture, they will also fabricate bookcases and built­ins to be installed in your home. The most popular woods currently in vogue are black walnut, hard maple, and cherry, but that can change with current trends in decorating.

The Vineyard View shop is fully equipped with all of the woodworking tools necessary to fabricate fine furniture, including the air filtration systems and finishing room. Vineyard View also has a vacuum press that is used in veneering. Some of the pieces built in their shop use exotic species, which in lumber form are extremely expensive; making veneers an economical alternative. Veneer also helps to preserve supplies of hard to find species for future use. Once the products are complete, Charlie uses only environmentally friendly water­bourne finishes to put the finishing touch on the project.

The best way to appreciate Vineyard View’s work is to check it out on the “products” page of their web site. It is also possible to see Vineyard View products up close at Imagine in Skaneateles, Craft Company No.6 in Rochester, Artizann’s in Naples and the show room in Ontario.

Vineyard View Woodworking can be reached at: 315-524-7141

and on the web @

     Charlie and Deb DeMinck

Charlie and Deb DeMinck

Congratulations to Vineyard View Woodworking as Business of the Month for July.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce is pleased to salute this Ontario Business as the “Business of the Month.” The customized “Business of the Month” announcement sign is posted at their business. They are also featured in The Sun & Record with The Wayne County Mail.

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