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June – Adventures In Climbing, LLC, 912 NYS Route 104, Ontario

Jim Porcelli, President of Adventures in Climbing states that the company was started with a rock climbing wall. “While on vacation my children discovered rock climbing walls and we commenced to paying $5 each time the children climbed.” Porcelli thought he saw an opportunity there and did some research when he returned home. In 2007 a rock climbing wall was purchased and the business was born. The rock wall was taken out to festivals starting with the 2008 season. Adventures In Climbing did fair the first year.

L to R, Jim Porcelli and Matt Ungleich

L to R, Jim Porcelli and Matt Ungleich

Sign Only June BOM PhotoAdventures In Climbing purchased a Eurobungy to start the 2009 season. The Eurobungy was an instant success. ” We went all over with the Eurobungy. As we were booking the Eurobungy and Rock Wall, folks started asking us what else we had.” I realized that we needed more inventory. At that point I started to apply any profit we made to increasing our inventory and I continue to follow that process. We have over 50 items now and our sales have been growing steadily every year. Our inventory now includes a Mobil Zip Line, Mechanical Bull, and about 30 inflatables as well as games, novelty items and concessions.

            Adventures In Climbing is present at festivals, church events, school events, spring carnivals, and local birthday parties, just about any event in fact.

            Porcelli says we started out doing business in the Rochester area and now we have clients all over New York State and Pennsylvania. We also travel to New York City several times a year for special events. Our client list includes Nickelodeon, Post Cereal, Rachael Ray Show, Sprout Television Network, Buffalo Bills and many more. About half of our business is outside of Rochester.

            The busy season begins in April and runs until about Thanksgiving. We hire a lot of high school and college students during the season. There are 22 seasonal employees and 2 full time employees.

            The employees enjoy traveling and being in different cities each week. The job and duties change as we are at different types of events from Colleges to Corporate to day camps.

            We have our own trucks to move equipment but we also rent U-Haul trucks as needed. In fact our U-Haul Dealership business grew out of Adventures In Climbing. We are still growing.           We anticipate building a larger warehouse on property within the next few years. In fact, we purchased this property 3 years ago and moved our equipment from mini storage facilities. The type of work we do probably did not exist 20 years ago, so the industry is growing. I go to the amusement show every year and there are always new things as well as bigger and better amusements. Our clients want the latest and greatest.


Adventures In Climbing can be reached at: 315-333-5003 or Cell 585-615-3211

            Congratulations to Adventures In Climbing as Business of the Month for June.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce is pleased to salute this Ontario Business as the “Business of the Month.” The customized “Business of the Month” announcement sign is posted at their business. They are also featured in The Sun & Record with The Wayne County Mail.

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