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June – Haun Welding Supply Specialty Gases – 264 NYS Rt. 104, Ontario, NY

Juan Rivera, left, and Anthony Herbst, Manager

Juan Rivera, left, and Anthony Herbst, Manager

Haun Welding Supply’s history is immersed in foundational family values and is a “4th generation business that services Upstate NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northern Pennsylvania,” totaling 19 stores.  The Ontario store has been under the Haun umbrella for two years, (formerly Danes Welding) and 2018 illuminates the companies 60th anniversary year.

  Mark Haun’s grandfather, Orval Haun  founded the business, he designed and manufactured his own welders. Mark is the company’s current CEO and his three sons have joined the welding supply business, each working in diverse areas of the company.  Anthony Herbst, is the Ontario stores Branch Manager. Herbst began his career with Haun in 2007. Ten employees support the Ontario location, they live within Wayne and Eastern Monroe County boundaries.

  Herbst exemplifies the company’s core principles, which includes their mission to serve the customer.  Haun’s customers are as diverse as their gas products and supply offerings.  Their client population includes; individuals, small farming businesses, large corporations, restaurants and laboratories.

  Ontario’s stepping stone location offers delivery in areas from Sodus to Hilton, and south to Mt. Morris. Welding equipment repair services, cylinder filling and cryogenics installs are also services provided as well.

   “Haun Welding Supply, and Haun Specialty Gases are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions to the myriad of technical problems faced by manufactures, fabricators maintenance personnel, and the individuals who are the foundation of the welding industry”.  Haun shares its industry knowledge through a wide array of welding training classes. Offering basic, intermediate, and advanced regularly scheduled courses or specifically tailored curriculums.

  The Haun collective team holds planned management meetings to teach its personnel about new products.  Corporate disseminates a quarterly informative internal newsletter, “The Haun Edge”. Within this circulation the employees receive added business and safety communications, congratulations, and accolades.

  Herbst attributes Haun’s success to faithful customers, repeat customers and excellent customer service. This embodies a strategy developed at the company’s inception, and is reiterated in a letter from the president, Mark Haun, in Volume 1 of the newsletter; “We never want to tell a customer no and we always want to meet their expectations”. “We are here to solve problems”.

  Where does Herbst see himself in 5 years?  “Continuing to enjoy my job and the people, I expect to remain in my current position”.

  Haun’s contact information is; Phone (585)265-4427, Fax (585)265-4439 Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

(Interviewed by Joellen Simone; photo courtesy of PhotoChica,JennifferMerida-Nudd)

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