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Lazzaro Performance, Inc. – 1712 NYS Rt. 104, Ontario, NY

August Lazarro PhotoKevin Lazzaro, owner of Lazaro Performance states that he got his start in the automotive industry by studying as a General Motors Technician at Monroe Community College.  From MCC he took a job at one of the local automobile dealerships.

Lazzaro started his career in the machine shop business through a chance encounter when delivering parts from his employer to a local machine shop. The shop Lazzaro was delivering parts to was owned by Lazzaro’s father’s cousin. Lazzaro was offered a job on the spot and he accepted the offer. After working and learning for 14 years in the other shop, Lazzaro struck out on his own 3 years ago when he moved to the current location on Rt. 104.            Lazzaro Performance will do anything to any engine for anybody. We have a complete engine building facility here and are tooled up to any and all aspects of engine building. We do quite a bit of work for car dealers and repair shops in the area. We also have some engines in race cars that run at Spencer and Canandaigua. The engines we do for race cars are finished to the specifications of the series in which they compete. Parts that we need to purchase for our work come from 2 local parts suppliers. One aspect of the engine rebuilding business that is unique to Lazzaro Performance is their willingness to remove and reinstall engines. This service removes one step from building a car and can save time.

Throughout the years the 350 Chevy engine has proven to be the most popular hot rod and race engine. Consequently we have become experts with all aspects of this engine. However we will service any engine domestic or foreign. At this time of year, boat motor work is in high demand. In fact we now have a 4 week backlog.

This location has turned out to be a really great location. People traveling to the racetrack and the bay have the chance to see us. Access is relatively easy too.         The business keeps growing. We have not had a slow month since we started. Our long term goal is to add more employees and equipment. Lazzaro would also like to add a garage door so boats can be pulled in. Another lift would also help make things run more smoothly. Another goal is to have an inventory so that he can reduce the turnaround time for his customers.

As with everything else, the internet has had a significant impact on this business. Clients now have the ability to shop for our services more easily. Lazzaro also sells parts over the internet. Facebook has become a good social presence for us. Just look for Lazzaro Performance. There are 2 employees plus Lazzaro in the business.

The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to Noon, with night drop available
Lazzaro Performance can be reached by phone at 315-524-3816 and Fax 315-524-3700
and on the web at

Congratulations to Lazzaro Performance, Inc. as Business of the Month for August. Ontario Chamber of Commerce is pleased to salute this Ontario Business as the “Business of the Month.” The customized “Business of the Month” announcement sign is posted at their business. They are also featured in The Sun & Record with The Wayne County Mail and on the chamber’s website:

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