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March – Lori Furguson’s Tax Planning and Preparation

Owner, Lori Furguson

Owner, Lori Furguson

Tax Preparation with a Master’s Flair and Ontario Chamber of Commerce March, 2018 Business of the Month.

The Tax Planning and Preparation office of Lori Furguson, MST, EA; offers clients additional private services. Lori’s expertise also includes: sales tax assistance, tax consultation, and service with recovery of unclaimed funds.

After graduating from St John Fisher College in 2002, with a masters of science in taxation Lori worked in the corporate sector. Her ideal was to eventually work in a private setting, enabling greater focus on helping people. Lori has been in the Ontario office for three tax seasons, but her tax work experience exceeds 25 years. She is licensed by the IRS and completes annual CPE (Continuing Professional Education) to remain current in tax law.

Lori is an expert in the field of unclaimed property, she was published in the 2003, CPA Journal. Her work reunites the rightful owners with their property.

Lori also extensively networks with financial advisors, and continually consults experts as needed. In general, her work and her clients remain private and confidential, “which is the nature of the business”.

Repeat customers and referrals, are Lori’s definition of success. Succinctly put, “if they come back that means I have done a good job. I do not advertise, referrals are the bulk of my business. When clients are happy and they tell their family and friends, that is exceptional”. However, the path to starting and running a successful business, in Lori’s opinion, “takes planning, education, and people skills”.

The location for Tax Planning and Preparation is within Lori’s family owned and occupied building (since 1977). For Lori, this seemed to be the most logical as well as the most personal setting to begin her endeavor.

Lori’s father was her greatest inspiration. He was a self-employed small business owner and encouraged his children’s autonomy in business. Most likely, his exemplary life helped to define Lori’s exceptional attributes. Both Lori and her sister Debbie continue to serve the local community through the business improvement district, (BID). BID creates and carries out plans to spruce up Main Street Ontario and “is always looking for volunteers”.

People visiting The Tax Planning and Preparation office of Lori Furguson will find a focused, dedicated individual who works to the best of her ability, and offers her clients a fair price point.

Where does Lori see herself and her business in 10 years, “maintaining and growing while I continue to serve my clients in Ontario. NY.

The office is located at 2005 Ridge Road, Suite F, Ontario NY.

Office hours during Tax season are: 10am to 5pm, M-F, and 9am to Noon, on Saturdays. Also, by appointment.

Lori can be reached by Phone (585-748-4363), or Fax (315) 905-4112.

Interviewed by Joellen Simone, Nature’s Way Florist and Garden, Ontario, NY
Photo courtesy of PhotoChica Photography, Jennifer Merida


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