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October – Green Team 100, 6318 Furnace Road, Ontario

Paper10-17Robert Billett is the owner of Green Team 100 which is an exterior cleaning company. As a former roofer, Billett is very familiar with roofing problems. One of the big problems is the growth of moss or mold on roof tops. The traditional solution to this growth was to bleach the roof or replace it. Billett wanted to come up with a better solution. Billett did some research and started testing different products before he came up with a hydrogen peroxide based solution that met his requirements. Billett states that the hydrogen peroxide solutions are environmentally safe. The hydrogen peroxide solutions do not kill the plant growth but cause the plants’ root systems to release from the roof. Once the roots have been released from the roof Billett will rinse the roof with a pressure washer that has roof cleaning tips attached. In addition to cleaning your roof, Green Team 100 will repair any damage to your roof and minor damage to siding. “I just replaced a window on a house last week.” Earlier this year, just after the wind storm, Billett could not keep up with roof damage calls.

  “We do most of our work in the Ontario / Webster area. However I will travel just about anywhere as long as I can cover my expenses and make a small profit. Real-estate companies like to have me come out before an open house.” Green Team 100 will service residential and commercial structures. Billett says “I just washed and sealed a 28,000 square foot roof.”

  This is not easy work and can be dangerous at times. Think about working on a roof that you just sprayed with soap. Therefore, there are not many companies that do this kind of work.

  Billett named the company Green Team because it helps to identify the company as one that is concerned about the environment and because he is a Packers fan.

  Green Team 100 has been in existence for six years. Prior to 2011 Billett worked for local construction companies.

  Green Team 100 is a one man operation that can call on three employees as needed.

  Billett moved to Ontario in 1985 and is a Wayne Central Graduate.


Green Team 100 can be reached by phone @: (585)-360-3698


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Congratulations to Green Team 100 as Business of the Month for October, 2017.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce is pleased to salute this Ontario Business as the “Business of the Month.” The customized “Business of the Month” announcement sign is posted at their business. They are also featured in The Sun & Record The Wayne County Mail and featured on the Ontario Chamber’s website:

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