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September – Biscayne Auto Sales – 1130 NYS Rt. 104, Ontario, NY

Left, Jim Tuchrello, owner of Biscayne Auto Sales and Jeff Tyler, employee

Left, Jim Tuchrello, owner of Biscayne Auto Sales and Jeff Tyler, employee

Biscayne Auto Sales is family owned and operated. The company name originated from Salvatore Tuchrello (grandfather), who owned Biscayne Builders back in the 60’s. S. Tuchrello loved the Chevy Biscayne and suggested the designation for his sons venture as well.  James J. Tuchrello (father) established the company in 1987, at Ontario Center Rd. (currently Tom Huss’s location).  In 2012 Jim A. Tuchrello (son) started his (LLC) at 1805 Tebor Rd., Webster, NY and in 2016 moved Biscayne to their handsomely remodeled forever home in Ontario, NY.  Jim’s small business experience began in his early teens, when he provided a service helping the elderly community with their landscaping needs. It was during this time he developed his passion for trucks and shared this common interest with his father.  Jim said,” I was hooked at the age of 13 when Dad brought me to auto auctions and showed me how to detail and prepare vehicles for sale. It was a labor of love”.

Biscayne’s ultimate goal is to determine their customers’ needs and wants, while leading them to the right vehicle. Per Jim, “if we don’t have it, we can find it. When a customer decides to purchase a vehicle, we make sure all of their concerns are addressed, and they completed a prior proper test drive”. “We are not a hard sell company”, reiterates Jim, and he truly believes that’s a significant factor in why people choose to do business with Biscayne Auto Sales. As Jim simply puts it, “we take care of our customers from the beginning, during and after the sale”.  Biscayne specializes in highly sought-after premium used trucks and SUV’s, most with very low mileage. Ultimately, they are all about forming relationships with their clients.  Jim said, “you would not believe how many customers come back here to enjoy a cup of coffee or expresso, and just catch up sharing great conversations.  It’s these types of customer relationships we strive for.”

Jim stands behind his vehicles and “unlike other dealers we don’t cut corners. Each vehicle goes through a rigorous safety inspection and certification process. All vehicles come fully reconditioned and most are equipped with new brakes, rotors, all season tires, and various other repairs”. Biscayne offers free auto check reports and is noted for their stellar reputation and honest sales.

Biscayne is also well-known for giving back to the community. They sponsor local sports teams, events and race clubs.  According to Jim, “Community, customers and establishing business relationships is the key to a strong economy and loyal customers”.

Jim informed us that “each vehicle for sale on Biscayne’s lot has been hand selected from various new car franchise dealerships. We buy premium stock, before they hit auction.” Our main focus is to find the cleanest trucks and SUV’s within a 500-mile radius. Many of our trucks come from Pennsylvania and other states, where these vehicles were exposed to minimal or no salt damage”.

At this time vehicle repairs are done locally and involve top-notch expert shops in and around the Wayne County area.  Biscayne also accepts trade in’s. You can stop down any time for an appraisal on your vehicle.

Financing options are available, and Biscayne works with several different banks or credit unions within the area.

Biscayne markets their business through website, face book and Repeat and referral customers are also popular based on consistent five-star reviews that demonstrate how they surpass other used car dealerships in the area. They have it all…honesty, great pricing, excellent quality and wonderful customer service raising the competitive bar.  Shop Biscayne and shop with ease, affordability and expertise!! Website:; email:

Article courtesy of Joellen Simone, Nature’s Way Floral & Garden
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Merida-Nudd, PhotoChica Photography

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