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May, 2022 – Edler Acres, 5673 Arbor Rd., Ontario, NY

Ellen and Jerry Edler, owners of Edler Acres

Ellen and Jerry Edler, owners of Edler Acres

Edler Acres is a quaint 20-acre farm located at 5673 Arbor Rd. in Ontario NY owned by Jerry & Ellen Edler.  On their website they describe a beautiful story of a family moved to the countryside in which Jerry openly states “It all started with a horse.”  Their dream, which became a reality in 2013 when they purchased their farm, was to have a place to allow their daughters 2 horses to graze in their own pastures adjoined to where they live.

Now on this farm they are proud to have over 60 chickens, Nigerian dwarf goats, Boer & Kiko goats, Dorper/Katahdin sheep, 2 Great Pyrenees, livestock guardian dogs and much more.  In the past couple of years, they put up two hoop houses to grow cut flowers and vegetables and recently added a roadside farm stand to showcase their bountiful crops.  In 2021 they obtained a nursery license to sell potted bulbs and plants and recently they were approved for home processing of gluten free baked goods and jams.

Their website displays beautiful flower arrangements, bouquets, wedding centerpieces and custom-made bridal arrangements.  In addition to flowers, they also have selections of choice lamb, processed by a USDA food processor, weighed, and vacuumed packaged.  The lamb doesn’t contain antibiotics or hormones and follows organic practices.  Lastly, they also have fresh chicken eggs for sale from their chickens that are raised Non-GMO.

For more information, please visit their website at, Facebook page  For purchases, please call at 315-333-1048.

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