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Business of the Year

Konstantinou’s Restaurant & Brick Oven Sports Bar –
2019 Business of the Year

Ontario-Walworth Rotary and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce selected Konstantinou’s Restaurant & Brick Oven Sports Bar as the “2019 Business of the Year”.

In 1976 George Konstantinou met with Homer Keisinger. Seven months later on May 5, 1977, Konstantinou’s Restaurant opened it’s doors. Thirty six years and three generations later it was decided to expand the restaurant by adding a brick oven for pizzas and a bar area. With much help from family, Konstantinou’s Restaurant officially opened the Brick Oven and Sports Bar area on Jan 13, 2014.

Konstantinou’s Restaurant has supported community organizations including the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Wayne Central School students through fundraising efforts.  They are located at 2030 NYS Rt. 104, Ontario and can be contacted at 315-524-8238.  (


Exelon Generation, R.E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant – Business of the Year 2018

Ontario-Walworth Rotary and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce selected Exelon Generation Ginna Nuclear Power Plant as the “Business of the Year”. Ginna has been a part of Ontario for more than 40 years and provides hundreds of well-paying jobs and millions of dollars in economic support.

Within our community, they are active with our Ambulance Corp, Fire Department, Food Pantry donations and delivery, Pines of Peace and Town of Ontario Historical and Landmark Preservation Society.

Wilberts Lakeside – Business of the Year for 2017

Congratulations to Wilbert’s Lakeside as the Business of the Year for 2017.
They are located at 6333 Lakeside Rd., Ontario. The award is co-sponsored by the Ontario-Walworth Rotary Club and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Wilbert’s was honored at a Rotary dinner on June 20, 2017.

Altra Rental & Supply – Business of the Year 2016

Jim Pedulla, owner of Altra Rental & Supply was proud to accept the award for Ontario 2016 Business of the Year. Jim said his business began in 1997 and has grown every year. He anticipates the construction of a 12,000 square foot addition to his business located at 2127 NYS Rt. 104 to begin in the next few months. Altra Rental & Supply provides a variety of industrial/commercial/residential equipment. Categories supplied are new and used equipment; rental; parts/lawn & garden; and consumables. They are a member of the American Rental Association which means they receive the most up-to-date training in the industry. The experienced staff is able to assist customers with their rental or purchase needs. Altra Rental & Supply can be contacted at (315) 524-9649; or email:; website:

Peter Parts Electronics – Business of the Year 2015

Peter Parts Electronics, 6285 Dean Parkway, Ontario, was recognized as the Business of the Year for 2015 at the annual changeover dinner of the Ontario-Walworth Rotary Club. The award is co-sponsored with Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Ontario-Walworth Rotary.

The company is owned by Peter Parts and Steve Crane and began in Webster and moved to Ontario in 1997. Peter Parts Electronics has supported the local Ontario community through the Pines of Peace, Ontario Food Pantry, Rotary Camp ONSEYAWA, Camp Good Days, providing an intern opportunity for a Wayne Central student, a mentoring program for the Webster Robotics Team and consulting for Rochester Institute of Technology.

“In 1986 Peter started Peter Parts Electronics. Many of Peter’s early customers were looking for reliable manufacturers in the Far East, but didn’t know where to look. And many Far Eastern manufacturers wanted to sell parts with their own brand on them. Peter thought it was a great idea — imagine, starting a business that not only found the best manufacturers, but was forthcoming with his customers with names, data, samples, and JIT delivery of these great companies around the world.

Peter’s hundreds of customers in the U.S. and his hundreds of contacts in the Far East were all looking for a way to talk to each other, but didn’t know how. Working initially from a tiny office in Webster, NY, a Rochester suburb, Peter supplied those contacts, along with the credibility and trustworthiness that he and his company are now legendary for. Now they are working with 100’s of customers, and eighty manufacturers.”

(An excerpt taken from

Sparky’s Cans & Bottles Business of the Year 2014

Sparky’s Cans and Bottles, located at 6341 Ontario Center Road opened 5 years ago, June 1, 2009 to process can and bottle returns for the New York State 5 cent deposits. Owner Jo Donnelly used her nickname “Sparky” as the company name.

She employs local teens to help sort the various cans and bottles by distributer, size and type. Distributers then pick up the sorted items weekly. Jo will go anywhere within a 20 minute drive to deliver collection barrels and bags for an event and then pick up the returns to process for a chosen charitable group. They help with fundraising for our local school groups and churches, Pines of Peace Comfort Home, Boys Scouts and Cub Scouts, the Humane Society and Ontario Food Pantry.

New signs are available to recognize businesses. Jim Switzer displayed the signs that will adorn the business front.