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May, 2023 – Wild Water Fly Fishing, 6285 Dean Parkway, Ontario, NY

Eric and Heidi Dodds, owners of Wild Water Fly Fishing

Eric and Heidi Dodds, owners of Wild Water Fly Fishing

HOME-GROWN LOCAL BUSINESS PROSPERS: From a home-based business in 2006 to web-based international sales, Wild Water Fly Fishing LLC @ 6298 Dean Parkway was named by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Inc. as Business of the Month for May, 2023. Named to the Top 100 Greater Rochester businesses in 2021, owners Eric & Heidi Dodds have moved into their newly constructed solar & geo-thermal facility on a one-acre site on the southeast corner of Timothy Lane.

As an avid fly fisherman, Eric was discouraged by fly fishing companies offering less value than their price tags commanded. Between their lackluster customer service, equipment warrantees with more stipulations than most mortgage papers and rods that cost as much as college tuition, he knew he “could blow the competition out of the water.” He & Heidi have developed a brand that provides exceptional value for fly fishing experiences.

              Their web-based business produces & sells 44-different fly fishing “kits” with reference guides for new and experienced anglers through the region, state, nation and overseas as well as a bulk supplier for Amazon.

            Fly fishing is easy to learn and has offers challenges for fishing at all levels of experience. It features light-weight customized rods and artificial bait with specialized reel and weighted fishing line. They offer “walk-thru” videos on their web site @ as well as a Q & A chat about equipment and services during business hours. Additional contact is available by e-mail @, by telephone @ 585-967-FISH (3474), on Facebook @ wild water fly fishing and a customized QR code.

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